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If you go to websites like Slashdot, you will see that the geeks are alive and well and running the world. They seem to know everything about everything, including every fact about computer technology that has ever been known by any human on this planet.Of course, not everyone is a Techy, it takes a certain type of person to be into that sort of stuff. And most people who use the Internet are just regular people and they don’t understand the computer technology language, much less anything about the devices they use for 3 to 4 hours a day.Indeed, perhaps it is for this reason that there is a huge demand for computer technology content online; content which explains how computers work, and what technology can do in laymen’s terms. Terms, which the average grandmother who e-mails her grandchildren and her friends to remind them of bingo night might understand.Over the past three years, I’ve written nearly 400 articles on this topic, and I am always pleased to find that many people e-mail me and thank me for the articles I have written, or the explanations, which I have given. Perhaps, it is because they felt stupid when talking to a highly technologically advanced human of the computer industry, and therefore, they just stopped asking questions one day.Even if you are a Techy, you need to understand that the online article writer needs to write for their audience, and 90% of the people out there are not geeks, and they barely understand the technology they are using. That is the audience you should be catering towards when you write online content for the general public. Please consider all this.