Computer Technology – Look How Far We Have Come – Computer-Technology

I caught my self just sitting back thinking about computers and computer technology. It was a whimsical thought really.Noting too deep or fancy. I was just considering how far we’ve come and how quickly.It is common knowledge that in the 1950′s, a computer that would fill a Wal-Mart store had nothing on the computational power and storage capacities of the modern smart phone.At that time, the internet just got started and the web wasn’t even a dream. I can remember a television news broadcast from 1980 of the newly invented computer networking. It took several hours and hundreds of dollars to transmit a newspaper from one computer to another. This was 1980 mind you. A mere 30 years ago.Only 20 years ago, the internet was really starting to take root. At least among geeks. And it looked like DOS (Remember DOS?).As little as 10 years ago was well before Twitter and Facebook and YouTube. That was when Google got its start. And Bill Gates called the internet a “passing fad”. Right. Good call, Bill.Although the internet still isn’t replacing the desktop for App hosting and file hosting, it is running web pages with App like effects and speeds. And there are how many files being hosted online as backups?Indeed, much more traffic is on the smart device internet than on the browse-able web.Think Xbox Live. Think Smartphone texting. Or Netflix streaming. While some components of some of these may be accessed by a web browser, the majority aren’t.Now we’re looking at the possibility of a web 2.0 being much faster and more reliable. Not to mention the interface moving into multi-touch and even brain wave activated.We’ve come a long way in 60, 30, 20, and 10 years. I’m personally looking forward to the next of each.